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Screenshot 1
Bambi-Editor with opened image and no filters applied. Ubuntu Linux 13.04
Screenshot 2
Bambi-Editor in Web Cam mode. Windows 8
Screenshot 3
Bambi-Editor with solarize and old photo filters applied on the image. Ubuntu Linux 13.04

Which is right for You?

With every release, Bambi-Editor comes in two editions. Both always free, of course.
free download
Web Start
Web Start
free live demo
While Desktop edition comes pre-compiled and ready for download, Web Start edition, due to its very nature of being closely personalized for deployment to a specific URL (JNLP configuration & keytool digital signature), must always be compiled from source.

Version 0.9.2 BETA Released

The Bambi Editor development team is pleased to announce version 0.9.2! This release was bit unplanned so it came sooner than anticipated! While configuring Bambi for a first commecial deployment, we identified and addressed practical shortcomings. Before we knew it we had another release. The development team has been busy in the past year with other (related) projects, but major improvements to Bambi Editor are still in serious plans as is the long awaited version 1.0! Enjoy :)
- Introduction of Home toolbar button which allows to switch between 
  Home view vs. Current (Cam or Image) view.
- Improvements to authentication dialog (positioning, field indexing).
- Web Start optimizations and bug fixes!
Enjoy Bambi-Editor !
posted 05/09/14 by mrazjava

Gone are the days ...

of drifting through the vast wilderness of Internet woods, hunting for your perfectly powerful image uploader; one that's free and easy on your end users... Bambi-Editor can blend into any website with minimal configuration! System Flow It is designed around a plugin architecture so it can be extended. It supports industry-strength encryption (RSA, MD5, SHA), image printing & filter transformations, web cam support, and more. Best of all, it runs on all major platforms. Here, you can try Bambi-Editor as a live demo (Java Web Start) and see for yourself how it crops and uploads images. Since your end users typically upload photos to their web accounts, you will need an account with us as well (just for the purposes of the demo). You can put fake email if you wish, we don't use it for anything other than to give Bambi illusion of authentication.
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Desktop Edition

Bambi-Editor is great in a desktop mode! Because of Bambi's flexible plugin architecture, the image export plugin used in desktop edition is saving a file to your computer rather than uploading it to the Internet. So if you want Bambi-Editor for your own personal use, feel free to download it. We pride ourselves in providing quality, malware free, open source software and our efforts have been recognized by third parties. Softpedia, for instance, certified Bambi-Editor as 100% safe and junk free product.

Share Your Story!

If you find Bambi-Editor useful, or just like having fun with it please tell us! To us, encouraging feedback is like a major boost of energy and motivation for further improvements! And if you successfully integrated Bambi-Editor into your web site, let us know so we can share our mutual success story and link up!

B-A-M-B-I acronym

I had a specific reason for calling this software Bambi. But like all geeky stuff, especially open source, it would be nice if Bambi actually stood for something related to what it does, like (B)eautiful (A)rt (M)ultimedia blah blah.. If you have a cool idea for a great acronym, shoot me an e-mail. You will be given full credit for your invention!