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Version 0.9.2 BETA Released

The Bambi Editor development team is pleased to announce version 0.9.2! This release was bit unplanned so it came sooner than anticipated! While configuring Bambi for a first commercial deployment, we identified and addressed practical shortcomings. Before we knew it we had another release. The development team has been busy in the past year with other (related) projects, but major improvements to Bambi Editor are still in serious plans as is the long awaited version 1.0! Enjoy :)
- Introduction of Home toolbar button which allows to switch between 
  Home view vs. Current (Cam or Image) view.
- Improvements to authentication dialog (positioning, field indexing).
- Web Start optimizations and bug fixes!
Enjoy Bambi-Editor !

0.9.1 BETA

Bambi Editor team is happy to announce the release of version 0.9.1. Here are the highlights:
- Integrated lastest OpenIMAJ snapshot
- Recompiled OpenIMAJ/core-image to address OP-60 which caused discoloration 
  when red-adjusting in camera mode
- Removed pointless startup warning when authentication plugin was not 
posted 06/13/13 by mrazjava

Initial Release is OUT !

Bambi-Editor developement team is pleased to open source and bring you initial 0.9.0 (BETA) release! While this is our initial release, the code and efforts have been in progress for over three years - we just now felt the software is complete enough to see the day light of the open source movement. This release features image filters, web cam support, image upload support, and much more. Check it out and enjoy!

posted 05/23/13 by mrazjava